In Britain, we have a long tradition of producing hideously tacky commemorative crockery for Royal weddings. Even my family has some, which is a miracle considering my granddad was so anti-Royalist he used to screw his mouth into a cat’s bum whenever the Queen came on the telly. (You get bonus points for any now-ironic items you might have, so we have loads thanks to our Charles and Diana cups and the Fergie and Prince Andrew plate. Score!)

I’m not so into that side of things, but I did really like a couple of KK Outlet’s amusing alternative designs for the wedding… Priced at £20 each (or £75 for the whole set) I won’t actually be buying any, but I can admire them online!

Let’s face it, though, the designs aren’t really that pretty, it’s more the witty comments that appeal… So for that reason, I’ll have to pass up the opportunity to part with my cash, so I can regret it in about 40 years when I finally sit down to watch The Antiques Roadshow.

Buy your Will and Kate plates here – feel free to pick me up a couple too, if you want, I don’t mind getting some if they’re free. My favourites are the Facebook and ‘It Should Have Been Me’ designs, for the record!