Of all the leftover meals we’ve eaten so far, this has been the one I’ve looked forward to the most. I may have mentioned before my love for Sheila Lukins’ USA Cookbook, and this is one of her recipes, which handily (for me) calls for 4 cups of coarsely shredded cooked chicken. Well, it’s all about the cooked chicken around here, Sheila.

Week Two: Leftovers, Chilli chicken salad - the start

To the chicken you add half a cup of diced red peppers, half a cup of diced green peppers, quarter of a cup of pitted black olives (oh yes, I love olives), 2 thinly sliced spring onions, and 2 tbsp of chopped coriander. Then, you throw on top a combination of half a cup of mayo, half a cup of sour cream, 2 tbsp lime juice, some freshly chopped red chilli, half a tsp of orange zest, quarter of a tsp of chilli powder and an eighth of a tsp of cumin. You mix it all together and serve it on a bed of red lettuce leaves, topped with cayenne pepper (if you’re me), avocado and coriander. Eat with red grapes – they are essential.

Week Two: Leftovers, Chilli chicken salad

Creamy, zingy, spicy… this is not leftover chicken as you know it. If you weren’t a mad foodie concerned with airmiles, locality and seasonality, you might even use this for your leftover turkey at Christmas and Thanksgiving. But you know, we can’t have that on our conscience, can we…?

This sort of reminds me of my mum’s kick-ass tuna, avocado and apple salad, which one day, if you are nice, I shall share with you…